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To strategically lead the development of capacity to improve health and wellbeing, and reduce inequalities in health, for the population of the North East of England, in line with the Better Health Fairer Health vision.

Latest News

Practitioner Registration

The local UKPHR practitioner registration scheme was launched at a hugely popular event held at the Centre for Life in January 2014. The first cohort of practitioners are currently working towards registration. For further information on the scheme visit practitioner registration.

Public Health Workforce Strategy

Following the public health workforce consultation last year, the Department of Health has published the Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Public Workforce Strategy document.

More information on the consultation and the response from The School of Public Health North East is available below.

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Towards a Workforce Strategy for the Public Health System

The workforce strategy, a summary of responses and the original consultation documents are available via this link:

link https:­/­/­/government­/consultations­/healthy-lives-healthy-people-towards-a-workforce-strategy-for-the-public-health-systemDownloaded: 1067 times
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Final Response to the Public Health Workforce Consultation

The final response to the workforce strategy consultation, as submited to the Department of Health, is now available to download.

Many thanks to all who contributed following the earlier publication of the draft response.

SoPHNE Response To The Public Health Workforce Strategy 2012 06 23 (2)

Final response submitted to the workforce strategy consultation, June 2012.

PDF SoPHNE response to the Public Health Workforce Strategy 2012_06_23 (2).pdf
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Healthy Lives, Healthy People: towards a workforce strategy for the public health system

The long awaited workforce consultation has now been published at In line with the vision set out in Healthy Lives, Healthy People the public health workforce will be employed by a range of different employers. Under the new system there is a need to set out at high level, how new integrated ways of working will help to sustain and develop a public health workforce for the future, including training, education and continued professional development (CPD).

The aim of the public health workforce consultation is to set out proposals for a workforce strategy that would support highly qualified and motivated public health specialists, who will be employed in a range of settings including local government, the NHS and Public Health England. The consultation also explores ways in which employers can provide opportunities to deliver, develop and embed public health knowledge and skills into the wider workforce.

In addition to these proposals the consultation document includes a number of questions (summarised in annex A) about further action appropriate for inclusion in the final strategy.

The consultation period runs from 27th March – June 29th 2012. The School and work streams of the School will be drafting a response, please check back soon for further updates and discussion.

Notes from the Head of the School, David Chappel, including an introduction to the consultation and next steps, are available to download below.


A brief summary of the consultation.

PDF Summary.pdf
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Consultation Document

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: towards a workforce strategy for the public health system

PDF consultation document.pdf
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Impact Assessment

Consultation on a proposed public health workforce strategy impact assessment

PDF Impact Assessment.pdf
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Public Health Workforce Strategy - Head of School Notes

A paper from David Chappel, Head of School

PDF Public Health Workforce Strategyhos notes.pdf
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Update on the New Public Health System

The Department of Health has published a series of factsheets detailing the new public health system including

  • the role and responsibilities for local government
  • the operating model for Public Health England
  • an overview of how the whole system will fit together

Download the files below for more information and the factsheets can be found on the Department of Health website

Transition Update 20 Dec 2011

Transition Update 20 Dec 2011

PDF Transition update 20 Dec 2011.pdf
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QA December 2011 20dec

Q&A on the New Public Health System, 20 Dec 2011

PDF QA December 2011 20dec.pdf
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New PH System December 2011

Slide show giving more detail on the changes to the Public Health system

PPS new PH system December 2011.ppt
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Transforming Public Health Bulletin

The February 2012 Transforming Public Health Bulletin is available to download from the Department of Health via the following link

link http:­/­/­/2012­/02­/28­/transforming-public-health-issue-6-february-2012­/Downloaded: 1411 times
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